All Saints University - Dominica

At present there are three non-local universities in Dominica. The Univerity of the West Indies, Ross University and the most recent addition is - the All Saints University. The all Saints University is one of the universities in Dominica catering whose student base is predominantly non-national.


For several reasons Dominica is indeed becoming an ideal choice for Caribbean universities international universities to sImageet up campuses due to the low cost of living, very low incidences of crime, a hospitable culture and a warm country’s low tropical and temperate climate.

All Saints University School of Medicine a relatively new school of medicine opened in January of 2006; the All Saints University of medicine offers a medical degree to American, European and Dominica residents (who are automatically eligible for a 50% tuition fee scholarship). The main campus for the Dominica Saints University of Medicine is present structure is on the corner of Hillsborough and Great George Street, the former grounds of the Roseau Health Center; however a new permanent structure is being built in Grandbay, a small community village eon the south east coast of the island.

The island of the Commonwealth Dominica is an amazing country place for acquiring a second nationality. A reputable and supervised second citizenship framework has for many years been established for processing applications from foreign nationals, families and investors who are interested in contributing economically to Dominica’s progress. In other islands such as St. Kitts second citizenship is a vital means of development. Applicants do not only get citizenship but can increase their wealth and possibly earn rental income or returns from some other local investment project. The duration for processing application is about 4 weeks provided that all requirements are satisfied and in place. Reviewing bodies include officials of the government and the FSC. It absolutely necessary for due diligence results to be positive since this is one of the main elements which determine whether an applicant is successful or not. Due diligence is carried out by an independent international agency and results are submitted directly to authorities by the due diligence agency. Economic contributions vary and may be more or less based on the number of individuals in a family. It is absolutely relevant to take advice and information given by an agent so that everything goes smoothly

These are financially uncertain times. Dominica offshore companies formation have lots of benefits and are exempted from taxes.

All Saints University of Medicine is committed in providing good quality education to its students making sure tuition fees are affordable. The All Saints University’s rigorous training and exam schedules ensure that students are fully qualiunderstand the seriousness of the medical profession and that it demands students to convey a sense of social responsibility. The school is recognized by MCC and ECFMG and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of Dominica (the medical board of Dominica is listed in NCFMEA).

Like ROSS University School of Medicine, All Saints follows a four year course with each semester lasting 16 weeks. The course schedule is as follows:

  • Year 1
    • Gross Anatomy
    • Histology
    • Medical Embryology
    • Medical Ethics
  • Year 2
    • Biochemistry
    • Physiology
    • Genetics
    • Neurosciences
  • Year 3
    • Microbiology and Immunology
    • Psychology
    • Pathology I
    • Pharmacology
  • Year 4
    • Pathology II
    • Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine
    • Physical Diagnosis

Prior to the student’s arrival on island they are required by law to submit visa applications. The Government of the country requires all non resident students entering the country to have a valid passport, visa and purchase a round trip ticket back to their country of origin. Although Dominica does not have an international airport it is fairly easy to get to the island via connecting flights from Puerto Rico, Antigua, St Maarteen or Guadeloupe. All of these locations have regular scheduled flights from major airlines. Student council representatives for the All Saints University of Medicine are present at the airport to escort new students upon their arrival in Dominica to the school’s campus free of charge.

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All Saints University in Dominica has its own bus service which cost less than public transportation. Students are transported directly from their residence to campus and back. Houses, apartments and rooms are arranged with the housing coordinator of the school.

All Saints University strives to ensure that it doors produces thoroughly educated graduates, who realize the importance of becoming a physician. Dominica All Saints University of Medicine is now one of the several Caribbean Medical Schools establishing campuses in the Caribbean.