Student Accommodation and Cost of Living in Dominica Universities

Dominica the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ is a beautiful, majestic tropical greenhouse located in between the two French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. The island is home to some of the Caribbean’s happiest people (rated 4th by a British think time Association) and awe inspiring flora and fauna. Dominica is a lovely place to work and live; also with three Dominica universities located in Dominica it is a favorable environment for students. Dominica has relatively little crime, and is considered a very hospitable island Students who choose to enroll in any one of the Dominica universities have the advantage of feeling safe and enjoy nature at its best. Dominica is a very good choice for international students who desire a safe and affordable, as well as comfortable environment.Image

International universities like Ross University and All Saints Medical School are non-national and owned by international owners and as such most of the attending students are nonresident. Ross University is owed by Devry (USA).

In fact most of the students attending Dominica medical schools originate mostly from in US, Europe and some from Asia. The currency exchange value is in the favor of the students where the US and Euro dollars are valued higher than the local currency the EC dollar, and for this reason get more value in transaction conversion.

The cost of living for non-resident student attending a Dominica university like Ross University School of Medicine and the All Saints University is reasonable. Utilities (lights and water) are realistically priced, and in some student housing contracts, some of these utilities are built into the rent. Telephones services (land lines, internet and cell phones) are mid range in costs. Groceries and entertainment are also considered very inexpensive.

Transportation cost for Dominica university students will depend on the choice of transportation desired. Local bus transportation is nominal, whereas buying or leasing a used car can be considered costly for some. Bicycles, scooters and other cheaper forms of transportation are available for various prices. Normally outgoing (final year) students needing to relinquish their acquisitions will have yard sales on household and other such items including vehicles, where the prices are heavily discounted. The Ross University has a food court catering to students, and has its own book and stores supplies where students can acquire all necessary supplies.

Dominica has become well known for its second passport program which aims to attract foreign direct investment to the island. This has had many benefits for the island and investors who after having satisfied requirements and invested qualify to apply for citizenship. The application process is a rigorous one but the support of a licensed agent is guaranteed to ensure that investors submit the correct documents and in the format required. For example, passport copies for identification must be notarized along with other documents. Professional and character references must be originals and if written in a foreign language must be translated by a certified translator. Licensed agents are designated by the government and are required to operate compliant with regulations targeted at agents, among others. Second citizenship in St. Kitts can be applied for in a similar manner whereby applicants are required to invest in real estate or the sugar diversification project and thereby qualify to apply for St. Kitts citizenship. Second citizenship presents many advantages, include greater visa free travel to many countries, lower tax rates, friendlier business environments and access to more foreign markets.

Asset protection with an offshore foundation and a second citizenship generates endless benefits. First note that someone must first be a foreign national/citizen to set up an offshore foundation or offshore company. But where second citizenship is involved, people undertake tax planning better. We never know how things turn out later down, so contingency planning as a dual national or an international investor is smart thinking.

The ROSS University School of Medicine is the oldest Dominica medical school on island and was founded in 1978. The Ross University is located in the north of the island (an area known as Picard) and offers a four year medical degree to students from the United States and Europe and Dominica.

With most established and organized universities, Dominica school housing is carefully selected and information on Dominica student housing is available via the Ross website. University students have a wide range of student housing and student accommodations to choose from. Student housing can also be arranged upon arrival, giving students the chance to have a first hand pick at their desired student accommodations.

Student housing in Dominica is mostly contained apartment units, some individual home (which can be shared). Since the establishment of Ross University, much focus has gone into careful student housing planning, and there are adequate studying housing units in the area of Ross University. Apartments are priced per month and may range from US$275 to US$1000. The cost of the apartment depends upon the proximity to the campus (although most are in walking distance) and the amenities offered. All student apartments are secured with a paid-in security deposit, usually the same price as one month’s rent. By regional standards the cost of student living including student housing in Dominica is most affordable and reasonable.

All Saints University School of Medicine is chartered and recognized by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The All Saints Medical School was established in January 2006 is currently based in a temporary structure in the capital, while construction is currently ongoing to establish a permanent campus in the south of the island. The All Saints University is committed in ensuring students receive a good quality education in an environment that is conducive to learning. Than means ensuring an affordable cost of living and adequate student accommodation and student housing is available in the areas where the school is set up.

Student housing in Dominica for the All Saints University students may start off as low as US$200 and upwards. The cost of student housing in Dominica depends entirely on the student budget and preference. Student Housing expenses vary depending on the type of apartment preferred and amenities offered. In all cases of student housing and student accommodation in Dominica, no matter where on the island, students can also share spaces to reduce overall accosts of housing.

Most students wisely take up student housing in areas that are populated with other students and as such the areas develop with student needs in mind. The science of supply and demand means that where there are students in numbers, there are normally services and systems in place to meet their needs. Supermarkets, entertainment, restaurants, laundry, and other services are set up in the vicinity of student housing. The All Saints University, assist in transposition coast by providing a more affordable and prearranged bus service for students

Fusion Village Restaurant embraces the historic background of Dominica. Located in a Creole cottage and a cobble stone backyard which is typical of Dominica historical architecture, Fusion Village Restaurant Roseau is ideally suited and designed to embrace this heritage.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) was founded on island in 1963, and over the years has provided n opportunities for continuing studies and higher education. Located near the Botanical Gardens in the capital, UWI has recently changed from a school of continuing studies to an open campus. Students at the UWI are often employed persons and most of the program includes night or evening classes to facilitate such needs. As such, students housing is therefore unnecessary and the university does not provide it.

UWI is relatively small, but with such natural surroundings, students often sit in the floral gardens and study. UWI is a regional institution serving 16 countries from the Commonwealth of Nations. The institution is committed in helping students unlock their potential for economic and cultural growth. Each UWI campus has faculties common to all the campuses such as Humanities, Education and Social Sciences.

The cost of living, including the cost of student housing and student accommodation in Dominica, for students attending any Dominica university is measured as being reasonable and affordable. Freedom and safety afforded these international and local students attending Dominica universities is priceless.