University of the West Indies (UWI) in Dominica

ImageThe universities established in the Commonwealth of Dominica have been dedicated in providing further education opportunities for both residents and non-residents. However, the other two established universities in Dominica are focused in medical studies (medical schools), and the University of the West Indies (UWI) is the only Dominica university established and offering a general studies programme for the local residents on island.

The University of West Indies, (from here on referred to as UWI), is a renowned institution that provides a high level quality education to commonwealth nations, with UWI campuses on most islands in the Caribbean. UWI is a regional institution supporting and serving 16 English speaking countries; all members of the Commonwealth of Nations. There are three major UWI campuses: Cave Hill in Barbados, Mona in Jamaica and St. Augustine in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The other 13 commonwealth nations all have university centers.

UWI Dominica was opened in 1963 and continues to provide Dominica with higher education opportunities. And while major degree programs are not offered at the UWI Dominica open campus, it is a gateway to such advanced studies.

Over the years there has been much interest in overseas home ownership and property purchase, yachting, ecotourism and other forms of economic projects in the islands. Two islands in particular have for many years sought to make it easier for investors who may not only wish to do business but become a citizen and become residents by purchasing land or a house. An example of this is the Dominica second passport program which is very well supervised. Years ago, the Grenada second passport program provided an additional route for citizenship however this was brought to an indefinite halt. Dominica’s program is administered by the Financial Services Unit which is a special commission designated for overseeing agents authorised for citizenship services and support, supervising the sector and enforcing regulations. Approved agents are under a duty to operate according to regulatory standards. With regard to the St. Kitts program, an identical commission and system exists for supervising the second passport program. St. Kitts passports are accepted and respected worldwide and like Dominican passports grant easier access to Caribbean markets for business and employment.

In addition there are several services which cater in international investment tools like Belize company and other offshore companies formation which are maintained through these accounts. Nowadays asset protection is becoming more important and has been taken to new heights by high end customers seeking ways to mitigate tax liability.

UWI open campus in Dominica is classified as a university center; it was recently upgraded to official open campus standard. Students enrolled at UWI in Dominica can enroll in a limited curriculum and includes some of the following faculties: Humanities and Education, Law, Pure & Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine and Engineering. The UWI Dominica open campus also engages in many scholarship programmes with affiliated US and Canadian Universities, and other offline courses are offered through the UWI center.

UWI was formerly a school of continuing studies in Dominica however the school is now an open campus providing face to face instruction as well as programmes by distance Education. The university is accredited with the University of London.

The courses offered by the institution are a BSc in:

  • Management Studies
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Education (this course requires the student to complete an Associate’s degree in education with the local Dominica State college)

Most of the attending students at UWI Dominica are local residents, mostly in the working sectors, so in order to enable many of the UWI courses and UWI programs, night courses/night classes are most common on the UWI Dominica curriculum. Dominica UWI campus is located in the capital of Dominica, Roseau.

Apart from Dominica, the University of the West Indies (UWI) has university centers in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Turks and Caicos. The University of the West Indies in Dominica can be contacted via email at, via the internet or by telephone (767)4483482.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) has been an excellent Educational institution and its doors have been opened to some noted Alumni in and around the Caribbean and the world.