Ross University School of Medicine

Under the past and present administration there has been much advancement in the education system in Domininca. The government is dedicated in transmitting a good quality education to its people. There are three universities on island at present; University of the West Indies(UWI) School of Continuing Studies, All Saints University and ROSS University School of Medicine. ROSS University is the longest established medical school on island. Ross University is now a Caribbean university with branches in Dominica and St. Kitts.Image

ROSS University was founded in Dominica in 1978; the same year the island became independent from Britain and is the longest existing medical school on island. The school located in Picard Portsmouth enrolls students three times a year; January, May and September. Students complete an instructive 4 year medical degree in Dominica and upon completion move onto the United States to complete a fifth year. After they have done their fifth year students sit the USMLE Step 1 exam and then continue on in clinical Clerkships in local hospitals in the US. The medical school is accredited through the Dominican Board of Medical Education to grant a Doctor of Medicine Degree, the school is also listed with the ECFMG. The courses offered at Dominica Ross University are basic science and clinical science:

  • Year 1- Basic Science
    • Development and Microscopic
    • anatomy
    • Biochemistry and Genetics
    • Neuroscience
    • Gross Anatomy
    • Medical Physiology
  • Year 2-Basic Science
    • Microbiology
    • Immunology
    • Medical Pharmacology
    • Introduction to Clinical Medicine
    • Behavioral Sciences
  • Year 3&4 are Clinical Sciences.

Students enrolled at the Ross University have no need to worry about how to get to Dominica. Dominica is relatively easy to get to by way of connecting flights from San Juan (Puerto Rico), Antigua, St Maarteen or Guadeloupe. All of these destinations have regular scheduled flights from the United States by major airlines. Government regulations state that any adult entering the country for more than three weeks are required to obtain a visa. Consequently Students enrolled at the university prior to their arrival must have submitted a visa application and be the holder of a valid passport before entry into the island is granted. Students of the Ross University are also advised to purchase a round trip airline ticket back to their country of origin to comply with Dominica visa requirements. On arrival students are met by student council representatives to escort them to the school’s campus free of charge.

In Dominica there is a reputable second citizenship program which enables individuals and families from other countries to apply to become a citizen of Dominica. Second citizenship is also referred to as double nationality or dual citizenship and has been resorted to for resolving many business and personal issues. One of the main aims of a second citizenship however is to improve one’s status and life by accessing new and better opportunities elsewhere, to include education and employment. One of the benefits include being able to travel without visa restrictions. St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship-by-investment has been in existence for many years, having been introduced in the 1980’s. This program allows the granting of second passports to successful applicants without them being required to give up their current citizenship. Sound advice and help with passport application procedures are provided. It is never too late to seek a second nationality for yourself and members of the immediate family. Legal support is available for applying for a certificate of naturalization following the application process for a second citizenship.

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Housing for students at the Dominica Ross University is readily available and can be obtained prior to arrival on the island or during the orientation week where there are weekly tours. The housing staff will work with you on specific requests and match you up with potential roommates if requested. Ross University in Dominica provides a quick and easy way for students to find housing via their website or contacted via telephone 767-255-6500. The Ross University medical school is located in a lively little town and so students are surrounded with all kind of entertainment including a breath taking natural environment, and close proximity to Dominica’s longest beach.

The Ross University in Dominica is focused on imparting the knowledge, skills and values required for students to establish a successful and satisfying career.